Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Stocking Swap


The Altered Art Divas group I belong to is a very close group of artist friends from all walks of life. There are many of us, some who have met in real life, others who have not. The swaps are always the best there are! This was a Stocking Swap, where we were to send a beautiful stocking filled with goodies for our partner.
My partner Terry is an attorney, and she always writes so elegantly, and so wisely in our group posts. I imagined her as a refined, tailored silver icicle stocking. She is always so clever and intelligent in her answers and quips in group, I took that and ran with it. She also told me several things she likes, so I had fun thinking of her for several months as I travelled around gathering treasures to stuff her stocking with. But OH MY WORD!!! She guessed me better than I could have ever even described myself!
When I opened the box last night, I was met by the most glorious mixed media stocking I've ever seen! And the goodies were all wrapped so enticingly, that I couldn't resist (I was going to open one per day) and I opened the WHOLE kit and kaboodle!

I can't do it justice describing its lovliness so I'll try and post photos for you to enjoy!


Judy Streger said...

Terry's stocking is a work of art. To have it filled with all those tempting goodies is the icing on the cake.

Joanne Huffman said...

Treasures! Beautiful artistic treasures for a beautiful artistic person.

jackie said...

Beautiful stocking!! And wonderful goodies inside!! Bountiful and fun!!