Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all!  I am shaking off 2014 and lunging headlong into 2015!   I am running non stop these days it seems.  I have been so very busy lately!  I opened a booth at Harry and Annie's in Washington Court House, Ohio, where antiques-uniques-rust and whim rule the day!  Having such fun, I am set to open a second booth on Saturday!  But it has required major time shift.  I am still unable to be on the computer more than 5 minutes at a time due to my ear problems.  That inner ear stuff can take so many weird personalities!  

I have been hounding poor Mike to death to drive me to 50 errands a day it seems! A trip to the ER and a seperate trip to the Dr threw my tightly packed, carefully alloted schedule out the window. Grandma Waller is home with my Mom and Dad- just up the drive.  She is making great strides toward being independant again- but 90 year old bones-hips in particular take their time mending.  She sold her home, and bought a beautiful new condo.  Imagine our surprise when after the sale we found it turned out to be friends of my friend Shelly who were selling:). Small, but beautiful world.  Made us all feel good about the situation!  I met the ladies today, and they were so very lovely, and it seems an instant connection to new friends!  

Grandma McKnight is losing ground.  Her poor body is withering away with the ravages of advanced alzehiemers.  A brutal and insidious disease.  Today Dad went in only to find she had developed pneumonia overnight.  Odd that many many others on that wing have developed it in the last couple days too.  More than a coincidence me thinks.  We've been having issues- and we check in on her every day, but who knows what happens in the wee hours of the night.  

Due to my inner ear, and still dealing with the eye situation somewhat- I've been restricted to resting for a few days.  I find that sitting on the couch painting is just as much rest for me as sleeping!  

And FINALLY today- I was able to pick up a copy of Jan-Feb Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine to check my latest article!  I am so tickled about it!  I still get a thrill seeing it on the news-stands!

More on that front tomorrow!