Monday, June 30, 2014


Hip Hip Hooray!  About 2/3 of the way ready for CREATE New Jersey.

Pardon the weird long absence!  I've dealt with a best friend's trip over from Australia, A husbands spinal surgery, four weeks out of town teaching, and mostly the collapse of the computer world as I knew it!!!

I have had Windows XP since it came out, with NO major problems!  All of the sudden, Windows decides not to support the platform anymore, and WHAM.  No more driver or sync updates.  ALL 3 of my home computers, plus the two laptops are all Windows XP because of the stability of the platform.  Sigh!  They are ALL UN-ABLE to be updated to Windows 8.  NOW NOTHING WORKS PROPERLY!  With 30 spinal surgery in 12 years for Mike, the money just isn't available to buy a new computer right now.

But I think I have a bit of a work around.  I now "think" I have my phone rigged up to be able to post from it.  We shall see...

But YEAH!  I get to travel with one of my favorite travelling buddies to the Create NJ Mixed media Retreat! Can't wait!  There are still some spots available in my classes- won't you treat yourself to an art-cation and come join me for the fun?

I will also be vending, with new stamps, and my newest line of 3-d molds, created from vintage frozen charlottes  and other antique goodies.

You can pick smorgasboard style- one class or all!