Friday, April 9, 2010

EEEK! Where does time go?

My apologies dear friends! How could more than a month have gone by since my last post? Everything and nothing has happened. Does that make sense? Lots of great things, and a few yucky things have happened. Here is the whole tale, the good, the bad the ugly, AND the wonderful!

First, I had a great time painting faces at a community family festival. Great accommodations, wonderful patrons!

I also painted faces at a lovely 6-year old birthday party. Beautiful day, sweet and friendly people, and great atmosphere.

For sometime now, I've tried to get help for where I severely injured my collarbone. It causes my arm to ache and go completely numb. It pokes out and has to be worked on 3 times a week to try and get it back in position. Not fun, but thankfully I have a wonderful Dr. who is helping me tremendously. But I can't be on the computer for more than 10 minutes a day! It has been building up for some time, and I tried therapy a couple years ago, but now it's so bad I've had to take a break from my job for awhile to see if I can get it healthy again.

Was contacted to take more face painting jobs- had to turn them down due to timing. Always so nice to be in demand.

Next, as a little souvenir of a community festival, I caught the mumps... I mean who get the MUMPS as an adult? Especially when I already had them before??? But, the upside, because I could only eat Popsicles and liquids, I lost 10 pounds...Woo-Hoo!

Then I started feeling better, and I met with the wonderful people of the Village of Groveport. I've been asked to teach art classes, workshops, and art camps! They have several GREAT spaces for the classes, and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. For children, tweens, teens, and adults. All sorts of ideas for classes are swimming in my head! I've never felt so energized, so full of ideas! I'm scribbling them down everywhere trying to capture them. I will start later this year- more info coming soon.

Then, the lingering end of the mumps turned into bronchitis. I was holding my own against it when I had an unfortunate incident by the shower... I slipped and fell and fractured my sacrum...SO now I'm having difficulties sitting, standing, sleeping...But, all the more time to write down my art ideas...(though they do get a little weird during the middle of the night...) Funny, with all this padding, I figured I would have bounced...LOL!

Mike has had his own ups and downs. He's had another 2 back surgeries, and is facing 1 more this spring, 3 more this winter. On the positive side, he's attending State Classes for Real Estate. He's really enjoying them and excited about the future. He's almost through except for the crammer for the State Boards. He's so focused and great with the details, plus he knows SO much about construction and real estate appraisals, I think he's going to be a fantastic realtor!
He's had several offers already!

Oh- and dare I forget? There was Artiscape. Busy Busy Busy! It was Fantastic. Had the most awesome people in classes! Couldn't have asked for more from an Art Retreat! And tomorrow I'm thrilled to be winging my way to Salado Texas for the Shady Ladies Altered Art Retreat. Can't wait to meet my online friend Jeri in person! If you are in the area- come join us! you can check out the link on the side of my blog.

So- as soon as I get back I'll catch up. (This little tale took me several days to write! !0 minutes a day is almost unbearable!) Hope all of you are having a less bumpy, but just as happy Spring!

I'm elated to have had this time to rest a bit and work on my art. Lots of new projects and ideas are coming forth!