Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Upcoming workshops!

Sweet Salvage Stories- reclaiming an old childrens book as a journal - will be offered in MI

One of the reasons I'm so busy these days is I'm preparing for all of my March Workshops!

March 1-6 I'll be at Art & Soul Virginia in VA Beach! Teaching 3 workshops and vending! Yahoo! I'm sure I'll be shopping a bit too. Can't pass up an opportunity to support my fellow artists and shop their goodies. Stamp Carving & Pretty Papers, Stamped & Stenciled Journal, and A Fluid Romance are the fare offered up! The wonderful Glenny and Marie can get you all fixed up to attend here.
Vintage Vessels- Polymer clay, Metal paints and acid washes will be offered in PA and MI

March 9-10 I'll be teaching 2 workshops at Charmed I'm Sure Studios, of the Jean Van Brederode fame! I'm sure Mechanicsburg PA will never be the same, but none the less- I'm going to share Fluid Romance and Vintage Vessels with the willing participants!

Stamped and Stenciled Journals will be offered at Art & Soul in VA

If you are in PA and interested, please contact the fabulous Ms Jean Van Brederode on Facebook OR javb2000@aol.com Jean or I can send you a pdf flyer with more info, should you like one!

A Fluid Romance- an exploration of Fluid Acrylic paints will be offered in VA and in PA!

Then home for a few days, to see the familial units and it's off to Haslett, MI March 16-18, and the Small But Mighty Arts Studio. 3 days of fun in store with Spring Fling Journals, Sweet Salvage Stories and Vintage Vessels! There- the go-to-gal is the Charming Dusty DeHaven at DeHavenDesigns@gmail.com Both Dusty and myself can forward you a pdf flyer with all the deets should you want more info!

Happy Valentines Day!

Wow- just skipped in under the wire. It's been and unusually busy time in the McKnight-Holbrook household. We are always busy, but this is literally 20 hour a day working busy.

I did this piece earlier in the month, when I had a little more time. It's unusual color makes it my favorite right now. That, and the fact it reads "there's no politics in love!"

Hope you are all enjoying your loved ones today!