Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Faith Journal

Here comes another mushy one. Can't help it! Mike and I are just so happy to have each other- I had to go for the obvious "L" word in my ABC Faith journal!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mike and My Faith journal

This month is my husband Mike's birthday. Yet everyday, I am the one who gets the gift! He is my best friend, my soul mate, my hero. (Sorry for the mush!~ But he IS wonderful!) He is an awesome gift from God, and he does complete me in every sense. He is calm and tender and thoughtful and hard working. He is strong and intelligent and loving and gentle. He is very laid back to my spastics!

I thank the Lord for him every day, and he is the prompt for this weeks faith journaling page. In this harsh world we are living in today, all around us there is disease, destruction, and desperation. I do realize how extremely difficult life is for so many, and how they struggle in their marriages. But there is hope, and there are good men and good marriages out there. Mike is the proof.

This week is K for Know.... I KNOW how blessed I am to be happy and in love in my marriage.

I KNOW that God is there in our marriage. And I have the luxury of knowing that Mike is there for me always. I pray he KNOWS I love and appreciate him with every fiber of my being.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Black Raspberries wait for no man....

Look at poor Mike's permanent purple paws!!

Wonder why I've not posted much art this week? The wild black raspberries on our farm are ready! Ya gotta pick em' and use them as soon as they are ready because they spoil quickly! So Mike has been picking every day, and we've been making jams and jellies until 2 in the morning after I get home from work at night! Probably only enough left for another batch or two this season, and at least a cobbler or two as well. Yummy! Plus we have the added comfort of knowing there are no pesticides or chemicals added!