Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden Fairies Abound...

I' ve had so much fun with this new class I'm developing! Hard to believe these little creatures started life as a clothes pins, tin foil & floor wax... These are my most recent class samples. They gave me so much joy creating them. I was particularly fond of the new process for the wings I've come up with. I'm in the midst of writing the class instruction booklet, but as I am limited to 10 minutes a day on the computer, it is taking me awhile. Luckily, I have a good hubby who's helping!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Eroded Diva

As many of you know, I've been participating in the Erosion Bundle Project. (More detailed post on that to come.) A very dear group of online friends -The Altered Art Divas- are doing a special round robin. The Fabulous Kris Henderson organized not only The Erosion Bundle Project, but also, this Eroded Diva adventure. She created the most awesome box structure to set us off on our journey. Yesterday brought my turn to add to the deliciousness.

I love repetition and hidden meaning in art, so I added some antique music snips from my bundle to several different locations throughout the piece. (I think art should sing to your soul!) I added music snips to the brass butterfly, with an eroded red gemstone on top. More music snips, an old watch part and an antique rhinestone went to the top left hand corner, with red raffia- all from my bundle. I believe it was Di Gilligan who first added the red paper flower to the piece as the accent punch color, and I loved it, so I repeated it throughout the piece as well.

I added some more music snips, red raffia and watch sprockets, with antique millinery flowers to the puzzle pieces.
I carefully removed the center insert to work down below the little peek hole in the top right hand corner. More music, and since currently I am FEELING like the ultimate Eroded Diva, I placed a small mirror to look back at you. Another watch sprocket on top, and then I put the insert back in. The SUPER talented Kathy McElroy had it just prior to me, if you would like to see before and afters...