Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art & Soul Reflections

Some of my journal page backgrounds

Do you have Art Heroes? I do. Not just ones like Leonardo da Vinci, Monet or Cassatt. But ones still among the living and creating... I think it's no secret to anyone how much I adore Anne Bagby, Lynne Perrella and Carla Sonheim. I've written and spoken of them often. It's not enough for me to read their books, watch their videos and attend their classes in order to soak up every single drop of insight and wisdom they might share... I want to eat what they eat, sleep how they sleep, breathe what they breathe in hopes that some of their awesome talent just MIGHT be influenced by environment, and therefore I might- by osmosis or some other such magic- soak up some of the elements to be able to create in a similar fashion!

These past few days I was busy soaking! I was fortunate enough to attend Art and Soul, and sit in some of my Hero's classes, and to find some new Heroes to learn from as well.
Jan Harris
Jan Harris, an incredibly gifted artist started me out with some new journaling prompts. She also caused me to work bigger- something which I had shied away from prior to spending time with her. Maybe I worked small because I was afraid to have to do too much writing on any one I'm embracing it and no longer hesitant to work 9 x 12 in journals! Brave Jan stepped in and took over Judy Wise's classes with very little notice and did an admirable job!

Julie Haymaker Thompson
(Although it looks as if she's yelling, she wasn't! I just always seemed to be shootin' while she was 'splainin'! She's just the cutest little thing!)
Julie Haymaker Thompson. Was in Jan's class with me, and then the next day I got to take a class from her. I can't say how much I enjoyed her class! She too was a last minute addition to the Art & Soul lineup, and I was THRILLED to have been in one of her classes. Lively and fun, supportive and creative! Can you say new hero???

Lisa Kaus & hubby Dave

This is my painted, collaged and bees-waxed box from Lisa's class.
Lisa Kaus was my 3rd instructor. She certainly knows her stuff and shows up very organized and prepared. Hubby Dave even lends a hand with the power tools!

Finally, Carla Sonheim! In her class, I reached a level of whimsy and looseness that is very difficult for me to reach on my own. She is so intuitive in her teaching! She seems to have perfected the timing and exercises to be able to help open you to a new area of your own style. I've been a big fan of hers for years, and even have her prints up in my house, so to get to meet her was an absolute joy!

This is my junk mail art book. Everything you see was junk mail, and then the birdees morph from page to page. I'm addicted and can't put it down! I've never been this loose and free with my sketching before! I'm not done with it yet, so I'll keep you posted with updates.

The other thing about these art retreats are that you meet the nicest new friends. I had the pleasure of sharing 2 seperate classes with these darling and beautiful two "sisters," Sheryl and Teresa. What a hoot they were!

Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Giveaway Winners

The big day has arrived!
Drum roll please.... The names have been pulled out of the sealed mayonnaise jar.....
And the winners are....

Lemondrop Marie said...
Please tell Mike that my entry should be put in twice, I love this piece that much. Does reaaaallly wanting it count any extra? ;0)Thank you so much for the chance to win, would love to!Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge OWOH necklace giveaway
February 13, 2010 9:21 PM


Amisha said...
I saw your work in the Art Journalling magazine! What a treat to find you here!
February 7, 2010 10:42 AM

Congrats to you both! Thank you all for stopping by!

If you didn't win one, you can always sign up to take the class with me at Shady Ladies Art Retreat in April- I'll happily teach you how to create your own fairy, angel or mermaid! Just click on the logo over to the side and it will take you to the site...