Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sweets for my Sweeties!

I am so very very appreciative of each and every one of you out there who has supported me in my art journey, reading my articles, buying my stamps or videos and taking my workshops.  Each of you has enriched my life, and re-energized my desire to create fun and meaningful ways of sharing my methods with you!

To celebrate all of you, and to say a big ol' THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!         I would love to be able to offer you a  special 20% off coupon on a very limited offer.

F&W is offering this fabulous kit of mine this month- (Only 100 available) and they are offering them at a fabulous price already- But use  KARIKIT20  at checkout for an ADDITIONAL 20% off!!!

               !!!Take a look at all the fabulous stuff you get!!!

Learn Kari McKnight Holbrook's techniques for gelatin printed journals in this exclusive collection!
This is the perfect collection of resources to get started making your own gelatin print journals with Kari McKnight-Holbrook. Get Kari's brand new DVD, Gelatin Plate Printed Journal, along with her best-selling classic video download Backgrounds to Bindings. Order today and you'll also get three Catalyst wedges for creating texture with paints and mediums, deli paper great for printing techniques, two Deco Art stencils and two of Kari's custom ultra-durable stamps that she uses in her new DVD.
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Gelatin Plate Printed Journal with Kari McKnight-Holbrook
Learn everything you need to know about gelatin plate printing from artist Kari McKnight-Holbrook-including how to make your own gelatin plate. Discover easy printing techniques using acrylic paint and a variety of tools and materials. Working with stencils, texture tools, and items found around the house, you'll learn how to print on a variety of papers. Then you'll bind those papers into a one-of-a-kind journal that comes together easily. In no time you'll be a master of gelatin plate printing!
Backgrounds to Bindings: Beautifully easy handmade books and art journals
Create "juicy backgrounds" and a plethora of different no-sew bindings for your handmade books in this nearly 2-hour long workshop! Masterful artist and book-binding genius Kari McKnight-Holbrook takes you through each step, including creating your own stamps made from flip flops to use in your book, developing a color hue for your backgrounds, and using rubber bands, paintbrushes, ribbon, and more to bind it all together!
Catalyst Silicone Wedges
Catalyst Wedges are ergonomically designed to fit in your hand allowing a direct interaction with your work. Designed for use with heavy-bodied paints, Catalyst is at home with oils, acrylics, and water-miscible oils. Clean-up is a breeze with Catalyst Blades and Wedges. The silicone is easy to wipe clean and is solvent resistant. This set includes Wedge Number 1, 4 & 5.
Logan Wrap-Sized Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper
With 500 sheets per box, this Logan brand deli paper is perfect for your gelli & deli printing needs! The sheets are interfolded, so the next piece pops right up-no need to reach into the box. Each sheet measures 6" x 10 ¾".
Kari McKnight-Holbrook Stamps
ART SUPPLIES These flexible polymer stamps are exceptionally strong and durable. No twisting or distorting like with other clear stamps. They are especially designed to hold up to use with inks, watercolors, gouaches, fabric paints, acrylic inks and acrylic paints. Your collection includes the Grid stamp, measuring 8" x 10", and the Small Alpha stamp, measuring 4" x 5".
Andy Skinner Deco Art Stencils
Designed by Andy Skinner, renowned international mixed media artist, this new line of stencils was developed specifically with mixed media art in mind. These stencils are ideal for mono-printing, adding  texture and dimension, or layering designs for unique effects. Your collection includes the Whirlpool and Snake's Web stencils, each measuring 6" x 6".

Friday, February 20, 2015

Yup! It's lil' ol' me in Cloth Paper Scissors!

CLOTH-PAPER-SCISSORS-JAN-FEB-2015-DESIGNS-WITH-STENCILS-LETTERING-FABRIC-MORSo I've been hit by some challenges already this year- like finding out the CREATE retreats where I teach were going away- ( a significant chunk of my income, ) some health issues, my maternal grandmother breaking her hip and femur and the long recovery involved, and the worst was the loss of my paternal Grandmother.  I would have a pretty dim view of what 2015 was going to hold for me, if I hadn't had some wonderful balancing FABULOUS things happening!

First, I've been able to see friends and family that I haven't seen for a long long time due to my schedule.  It's been lovely catching up.  Next, I've been able to just create and play.  For myself, with no end result demanded.  I can't tell you how important that time is to refresh my skills, my artistic soul.  I have been creating for so long for workshops, for articles, for commissions.  That's all lovely, but at times you feel as if it boxes you in rather than makes you feel creative.  What I'm doing now is making me so happy and refilling my well of creativity.  It is spawning new ideas faster than I can write them down in my journals.  And oh yes I am filling journals for the inevitable dry spell that will come. 

And some SUPER fantastic happiness coming to me from the good folks at F&W!  Way back in September last year I worked on an article for Cloth Paper Scissors, and woot woot! It's in the January February issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine!  If you've never picked up a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine- you are really missing out!  It never fails to inspire me, and the only disappointment is that it's bi-monthly, and I would LOVE it if it was monthly!  Can't get too much of this goodness!  Here is the CPS link if you would like to grab your own copy- you can even digitally download if you like!  A super shout out of thanks to my beautiful niece Morgan for being my model!  A quick snappy on the cell phone became a beautiful painterly mixed media portrait!

Next, the Craft Daily Shows I filmed out in Ft. Collins last November have hit the airwaves!  And I am so pleased to say they are being given very kind and favorable reviews!  The first one out the gate coincides with the Cloth Paper Scissors article!  So if you liked the article, you can watch the workshop, digitally download it, or if you are like me and like to have a hard copy, you can purchase it here! Here's what F&W has to say- 

Mixed-Media Faces Made Easy

By Kari McKnight-Holbrook
Become a master in portraits with these simple and easy techniques to incorporate faces in your art journaling and collage art. Artist Kari McKnight Holbrook will show you how to turn black-and white photocopies into masterful portraits. You'll learn how to layer various mediums to create shadows, highlights, and depth on faces, and ways to incorporate soft, natural colors. Add your portrait to a painted canvas, add embellishments, and your artful faces will come alive.

So as you can see, 2015 is getting pretty exciting!