Friday, August 28, 2015

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Art Is You The Mixed Media Art Retreats
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Letter Palooza

Thursday September 17, 2015  in Minneapolis MN
Friday October 9, 2015 in Stamford CT

LetterPalooza 4
LetterPalooza  1
Feel your handwriting keeps you from art journaling? Never use your own writing in your art? No more worries! No drawing or calligraphy skills required! This stress free class is the perfect intro to creating your own unique and beautiful fonts and writing style to incorporate into your art pieces!

This class is really 2 in 1! It combines 2 of Kari McKnight Holbrook’s most popular classes into one delicious day! You will learn how to make your own tools to ease this process. Kari’s step by step demos and visual aids make it all so simple, and enjoyable! You will learn how to create multiple power word cards to be used and re-used in your art for years to come. Once you’ve created the masters, you can copy and resize and seamlessly incorporate into your future projects in a blink of an eye!

Discussions and samples printed on various papers will make you jump for joy at the possibilities! The bonus to this workshop are the sexy tips and tricks that enable you to use your writing on canvases and journals without risking beautiful backgrounds you’ve already made!

LetterPalooza 2

 Stamp Creation and Beautiful Papers

Friday September 18, 2015 in Minneapolis MN
Monday October 12, 2015 in Stamford CT

Stamp Creation 2
If you have ever wanted to put more of your own artistic voice into your projects, here is your perfect opportunity to realize that goal. Whether you prefer organic or precise, positive or negative, Kari McKnight Holbrook has a technique for you!

Once you learn the 7 wonderful ways of creating your own stamps, you can completely customize all your mixed media projects from here on out! Kari will teach you the safe and seductive art of carving PLUS introduce 6 other ways to use unusual products to make your mark makers! Part of the afternoon will be spent enjoying the paper printing bliss that comes from printing with handmade stamps.

Everyone will go home with their own stamps, a brain full of ideas, and beautifully printed original papers to be used in all manner of future projects! Kari will share many secrets for creating safe and successful stamps including fool proof image transfers to the carving surface. Kari shares all her sources in a printed list! Tips and examples of how to use the papers will be shared as well. Warning: this process is highly addictive….

Stamp Creation 1

Stamp Creation 4

Stamps, Stencils, Gellis and Thermofax

Saturday September 19, 2015 in Minneapolis MN
Thursday October 8, 2015 in Stamford CT


So we’ve all heard about Gelatin printing, but are maybe a little unsure of the process. Kari McKnight Holbrook will walk you through all the steps, unlock all the secrets about how to make your OWN printing plates, how to use them, how to incorporate stamps, stencils and thermofax screens into the mix, plus how to adhere and what to do with the wonderful stash of papers they create!
We will discuss the pros and cons of home-made gelatin plates vs manufactured plates, and how it changes your printing. Monoprints without a press!! This is a stress free, joyful class that will inspire your work for years to come. True to Kari’s nature, she will share new ways to use your stamps and stencils.
Gelatin printing is one of the keystone building blocks of mixed media- jump in now and join the fun! Everyone leaves with stacks and stacks of beautiful papers!



Sweet Salvage Stories 

Sunday September 20, 2015 in Minneapolis MN

Sweet Salvage Stories 1
In this class you will be rescuing a poor abandoned, dog-eared and scribbled-in children’s book. You will breathe life back into it and watch as it transforms itself under your loving touch. With dazzling textures and subtle, yet dimensional colors, a beautiful butterfly of a journal will emerge from the battered cocoon of neglect. With gesso, crackles and mediums, we will delve into the daring world of adding texture to our pages!

Kari McKnight Holbrook will guide you as you develop a personal alphabet, and become comfortable with the tips she’ll give you for the drawing and lettering techniques. Special emphasis will be given to lettering and developing your own visual voice as an artist. The process is so relaxing; you might find it hard to stop with just one! To add to your collection of these lively little books, you’ll find yourself haunting the thrift stores, library sales and rummage bazaars! No drawing or calligraphy skills necessary!

Sweet Salvage Stories 2

Sweet Salvage Stories 3

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