Student Raves

"I've taken mixed media and art classes at retreats for years. The way Kari explained things today just made it ALL come together and finally make sense! I have such a concrete understanding now!"
Sharon A

"My 3 friends and I had heard about Kari from another friend. We took her class thinking we'd give it a shot. WOW! Were we ever blown away! Not only did we have so much fun, but we also LEARNED! I mean, not just techniques and stuff, we learned WHY paints act the way they do, and so NOW it makes so much more sense of what to combine and when! Now she's one of our very favorite instructors of all time! At lunch we ALL went out and signed up online for her next classes at the next retreat!"
Leslie T

"Kari is a TRUE instructor! I've taken so many classes over the years, it really takes a lot to impress me. I actually didn't think there was anything really new to learn. I was thrilled to discover many new tricks and techniques in her Fluid Romance class! She has really put together a fine presentation, and the pacing and information are perfect."
Linda F

"I hope you all in the office know what a gifted and generous instructor you have in Kari McKnight-Holbrook! She's so knowledgeable about paints and mediums! She is more than willing to share any sort of information she has, even her cost saving ideas and tips around the studio. I REALLY felt she truly cared about my growth as an artist, and even though I was brand new to the mixed media world, she was patient and enthusiastic! She always pointed out strengths in my painting, and helped me to see areas that were weak, and ways I could improve them. I'm proud to say that my painting came out very pleasing, and people said it looked like I've been doing it for years! I've done 4 more in the 2 weeks since returning home."
Trish W

"Wow! Wow! Wow! Just wanted you to know that I REALLY LOOOOVED Kari M-Holbrook's class! She's entertaining and funny, AND a terrific instructor. We had so much fun and learned so much that 2 of us came out and switched classes so we can take another class of hers later in the week!"
Marjorie J

"Kari's classes knock it out of the park! They truly raise the bar for what a lively, entertaining and educational workshop should be!"
Jenna B.

"Over 30 of my friends here have taken workshops with Kari, and when we decided to plan our first-ever weekend workshop retreat and bring in an instructor, it was unanimous first choice to bring Kari in! We even changed our dates to be able to get her!"
Delores D.

"Kari McKnight Holbrook is a true TEACHER!  She doesn't just simply show you techniques, she shares with you understandable explanations of WHAT the products are, and WHY products work the way they do.  Somehow she does this all while keeping you laughing and excited!  The giveaways added even more excitement to the class.  I feel so much more comfortable and confident making decisions about my paintings since taking her workshop!"
Sue D.

"If you haven't taken a Kari Holbrook workshop yet- you are missing out!  She's funny, generous with materials and prizes and very knowledgeable about her media.  The time just flies, and you wish you had her for more than just one day!"
Debbe S.