Thursday, September 16, 2021

 Hello my darlings!  I've been away a long while.  I apologize.  Last summer, I had a series of strokes that seriously affected my vision.  I have had to rest them, and not spend as much time on the computer.  The intense double vision has compromised my ability to sketch accurately, and I struggle with not being able to force my art where I want it to go.  That and Covid has all but stopped the In-Person classes, workshops and conventions for now.  So my Art has taken a slow turn.  It seemed before that I was so busy developing new classes to teach and submit, that MY reason and focus became diluted.  The long hours trapped in my head, resting my eyes gave me great insight as to how I wanted to move forward in the days to come as my vision continues to improve.

I have a more focused artist statement:

I find it important to be able to express myself and the things that matter to me in a passionate, if not chaotic way.  I am concerned about the amounts of things discarded in our culture and delight in bringing life, beauty and fun back into cast offs, without overly explaining each piece.  I love that the viewers can decide the narrative for themselves, as their own emotions and imaginations dictate. 

Who I am:

Kari McKnight Holbrook is a published international mixed media artist, instructor and writer. Her style embraces lettering as a graphic, with texture and color also playing major roles in each piece. She expresses herself most often with upcycled fabrics, clay, junk journals, painting and jewelry.  She enthusiastically teaches others how to successfully express themselves, and find joy in the process.

I am striving to:

Be present as I create, to enjoy and experience the processes.  I an going to strive to overcome fear.  The fear of not being "perfect," the fear of nobody liking my finished piece, or the fear of worrying when I will sell the next work.  I am striving to put more of MY authentic voice into my pieces, even if they may not be of commercial interest.  I will no longer listen to people tell me I am wrong for using products and mediums I enjoy.  If online workshops develop out of this, I will go with the flow, and embrace it.

This is my accountability page!  I pray you are all blessed and having beautiful creativity sessions.


Jeanie said...

It's good to see you back, Kari. I don't think I knew about the strokes and I'm glad you are back to art and hopefully without a lot of complications. The artist statement is very strong.

Evospin Erfahrungen said...

Thanks for your hard work and dedication in creating this blog