Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Swap

I've been so terribly busy lately, trying to get ready for Artiscape, Art & Soul VA, and CREATE in Costa Mesa, not to mention trying to develop new classes and proposals for 2012 that I have been sadly neglectful of my bloggerly duties. So- as soon as I get life back to only an 80 hour work week, I'll be back with all sorts of new photos and projects to share.

Until I can get them up, I'll share a photo of a piece I made for a Spring swap I was in over at Playing with Boxes. We were to decorate a large matchbox and include a little art giftee inside. We sent them so our partner would receive them by the first day of spring. Hopefully it will take the sting out of the last few bites of snow we've had here in The Ohio Valley!

Many of you know how much I adore Julie Haymaker Thompson. She is such a creative soul and an awesome friend. Stop over and see her wonderful art here. Soon Julie will have her store in Bisbee AZ up and running and you will be able to get all sorts of awesome stuff there! I was very much thinking of her as I made this fun little imp for my partner Brittany. I call it Robbie and her redbird.