Monday, February 21, 2011

Art and Soul Art Retreat, Blog Hop...and a Prize

Are you ready for NEXT winter? You will be if you take an exciting and inspirational break before you head indoors for months! Rest, rejuvenate, and recharge your creative muses in September with us at ART & SOUL, Portland!

From Mon Sept 26 thru Sun Oct 2, hundreds of kindred spirits will be gathered together to connect, learn, play, grow and experiment in mixed media workshops taught by internationally recognized instructors—designed to energize the creative spirit!

Mon Sept 26th, I'll be teaching the "Happy Bird Sings" Clay Covered Journal that is featured in Cloth Paper Scissors Jan/Feb 2011. You might want to sign up early, as this class has been selling out quickly!

On Tues Sept 28th, in "Green Art Goodness" I'll show you how to recycle, alter and use all that stuff you have laying around that you don't want to throw out, but you don't really like it enough to use! We'll transform common cereal boxes and broken, mismatched bits and pieces into something you will love. We'll even have a trading session as every artist feels other peoples embellishments are cooler than their own!

I invite you to join me Wed Sept 29th for "A Fluid Romance" where we will explore the juicy, color rich world of Fluid Acrylics. Layering, Optical & Physical color blending, Bas-relief, Composition, Hot-foils, are only the beginning of our playtime...3D ephemera additions will be the taste of steam punk topper.
Still Reading? On to the prize info... Leave a comment on this post about what sort of art classes you would like to take in the future and why, and I'll enter you into a drawing to win one of my handmade journals! Easy!!! Drawing will be held in June~ Make sure you leave info about where to contact you.

Checkout all the inspiration Art & Soul can offer you here. (Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a lot of new projects to inspire your work when you have to settle in for a long winter!) Keep reading to find out about an even BIGGER prize from Art & Soul! I mean wowza big!

Choose from dozens of wonderfully talented and dedicated Art and Soul instructors! Take a quick tour around this blog hop and you'll learn more about just a few of them!

Janne is a master of freestyle and creative machine embroidery and textile portraits, so lifelike!
Janne Robberstad-

Whether inside out outside of boxes, houses or ATC's Stephanie Rubiano's little butterfly people are charming. Stephanie Rubiano-
Liz has Gorgeously delectable fabric and fabric painting classes, with a delightful fabric memory journal. Elizabeth Kettle-
Ingrid has lively, absolutely thrilling journals with things that truly jump off the page at you!

Ty and Marcia Schultz are enchanted people! They teach you how to make coool big stuff out of Paverpol, and then how to make cool molds of smaller stuff you want more of!
Karen O'Brien's juicy, richly colored, multi-layered collages always make me smile!
Karen O’Brien-
Glenny Moir is the magic behind the machine, who works tirelessly night and day, year round to create the whole Art & Soul experience.*** Stop by Glenny's blog and learn about the MOST fabulous prize! A 5 night stay at Embassy Suites! Drawing June 1, so don't hesitate!
Want COLOR and ALOT of it? Jane Davies beautiful paper and collage classes are for you!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Having fun in the studio!

Betty, Kari, Joe R, and Joe M
Remember a little while ago I told you about this fabulous SCAL program that allows you to cut anything you design using your Cricut? Well I am so impressed with it that I invited the design team over for lunch. WOW! Did we ever have a good time! Joe Rotella, Joe Morgan and Betty Scott, Mike and I enjoyed each others company over yummy lunch and a delicious Cherry Chocolate cake that they brought. (If I hadn't had all the good art ideas and conversaiton to distract me, THAT chocolate siren would have lured me away from my healthy diet entirely!)

Blossom and Rascal really took to them too- and in my book if my doggies love you -you are A-OK!Any of you cricut owners who love the machine, but aren't so fond of buying cartridges to take a peek at their info. I find the SCAL program VERY easy to learn. (If you have used any Adobe Photoshop or PE programs, you will know it automatically!) But with or without any prior experience, Joe easily can get you up and running like a pro in just a couple hours!
I will be doing a PREVIEW reveal of my new line of stencils created with SCAL from my artwork Feb 26-March 4 in my classes at Art & Soul Las Vegas. There will be lots of give-aways!
And in other fun news, the Spring issue of Coth Paper Scissors Studios was advertised in Cloth Paper Scissors Today. I was tickled to see how they described me/my studio...

Incredibly enthusiastic mixed-media artist Kari McKnight-Holbrook loves old things. She uses cigar boxes for embellishments, wire card holders for letters and cabinet cards, old muffin tins (image below) and lunch trays for sorting.Check out all the other talented artists and their useful organizational tips and tricks in Spring Studios!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cricut fansout there?

I recently purchased a Cricut machine. I love the options it gave me, but still felt very limited in what it could do, and I didn't like having to buy expensive cartridges and STILL not have all the options I wanted. I am used to having so much freedom with my Adobe software, that I was OVERJOYED to find the SCAL program that once again gave ME all the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do! Anything I created in my Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, I could print and cut! No more cartridges!!! Well-now just in time for Valentines Day, Create & Craft is launching a new web site where you can learn about the SCAL program, and even better than that, they are doing an awesome giveaway! Visit to sign up for your chance to win!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cloth Paper Scissors Studios

I have been a travellin' madwoman lately! I have been away from home LITERALLY for the last month and a half! Over a month in Mexico, then a couple weeks in TN for family visits, and 4 workshops. (more on them later!) Got home last night, and am crazily beginning to dig out from avalanches of mail, emails, dirty clothes, no groceries... What did I find? A fantastic email! Whoo-Hoo! So excited to be in Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine! And in the copy with Ty Pennington on the cover no less! Tickled doesn't begin to describe it!

If you would like a peek into my studio space, check out the Spring 2011 issue! Or, better yet, shoot me an email and we'll set up a workshop for you and your friends IN the studio!