Monday, July 2, 2018


I have been obsessed with florals lately!  All the clothes I am attracted too seem to have floral motifs and the paintings that catch my eye seem to be floral- I caught myself looking at floral wallpaper and thought 'hold on now- you may have a problem!'  I like florals a lot right NOW.  in 3 years maybe not so much.  I drew the line.  But, as this little ditty popped up in my Facebook feed, I am reminded of how much my art changed when I came back from France and Giverny.  Monet's splendid home set this floral fanaticism off.  Here is one that I did, simply enjoying the process, and was actually very pleased with the result.  Even the little bee seemed to enjoy it!  As I have problems with bee stings, normally I do a crazy dance and run performance when I see bees, but on this day, I was so relaxed from the art, I calmly let him stay while I took the photo!

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Jeanie said...

Pretty, Kari. Flowers feel fresh and light. Sorely needed in this oppressive heat!