Friday, September 14, 2012

Patterns for Sketchbook Challenge

Wow!  Are you all enjoying Sketchbook Challenge?  I know I sure am!  I REALLY loved this months challenge, which was all about patterns!  I did a quick journal recently specifically to practice drawing faces.  Faces are a challenge for me, so I try to practice them.  However being a true ADHD mixed media artist, I get bored JUST sketching.  So enter my patterns!  I created the journal using patterns, and then sketched over the patterns because more is better in my book! 

Step 1  Text as pattern  using Pam Carrriker's Mixed Media Adhesive, I randomly glued down old text.

Step 2  1st layer of patterned printed paper.  I used my line of large 8.5 x 11 stamps and Gelli Arts Geli Printing plate and printed on deli paper with acrylic paint in various colors.

Step 3  2nd layer of patterned printed paper, using a different color and building layer interest.  The deli papers are translucent when created with Fluid Acrylics.  To carry that translucency forward I used pan pastels.  Notice the top picture's arm and face, you can see the text underneath her.
Step 4  Begin drawing.  1st with pencil, then pan pastels and colored pencils.  Outline with Sharpie Twin Tip Marker or Pitt Artist Pens.
Step 5  Lettering begins at this phase.  Heavy on the pattern!  This is just a work in progress.  When finished, probably the majority of the images will only show in glimpses.
Step 6.  Beginning to pattern and decorate the drawings.  Anything can be decorated with pattern.  And patterns can be made by repeating anything over and over.  This girls sweater cabling is made up from the word 'repetition' being written over and over and on top and over again.
Finally after working in this color story for this small sketchbook, I decided I liked it enough to begin working on a canvas.  Here is the beginning, as you can see, I work on canvas the same as I do in my sketchbooks, building layers of patterend color!


Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool and creative!

lyle baxter said...

kari , your post on the sketchbook challenge is great! and your canvas on your blog is going to be wonderful! its fun to see what your mad brain is up to!nepa

Linda Manning Findley said...

Kari you did super stuff ... love the look just not the thing for me but you do it BEAUTIFULLY ... Linda F

Anonymous said...

Your post caused a light bulb moment for me. I have always enjoyed looking at multimedia projects, but somehow they have never really worked for me. Your post today made me realize that I had always thought of them as being shape and pattern or picture and color, never combing them all.

MarleneMAZ said...

Wow! I love your post that I linked to from the Sketchbook Challnege. I have some deli paper and now I have an idea what to do with it, thank you.

Toni said...

The canvas is looking great! And using pastels, too! Keep going. It can only get better and better.