Sunday, July 8, 2012

Industrial Chic Blog Hop

Do you all know about Susan Lenart Kazmer and her fabulous new line 'Industrial Chic'?

She's an awesomely clever artist, and has been producing fantastic art from found objects for years now.  I used to see all her wonderful art in books and at shows and drool big puddles, and NOW I can get replicas of those bits and pieces at Michael's!  (Of course I had to run right out and get some of the goodies right away!)

On her website Susan Lenart Kazmer: Industrial Chic, they are hosting a blog hop, and WOW!  The creative ways these bits and pieces are being used!   They sent several of us wonderful boxes filled with the most AWESOME goodies to play with.  I am still percolating on a project that will be worthy of the fab findings in my box!  My official post will be in August, but I wanted to let everyone know to jump on over and check out the blog hop right now!

Before my box arrived, I popped down to Michael's and bought several packages of  Industrial Chic's ring bezels, and found them to be a wonderful base for my Relic Rings!

Tootles for now- working on packing for Create Mixed Media in Somerset NJ, only a few days away!

Don't forget to peek at the fabulous art and ideas on the Industrial Chic July Blog Hop!

6 Ken Oliver

7 Vicki O'Dell

8 Cindy Cima Edwards
9 Elena Lai Etcehverry

10 Jen Osborn
11 Wanda Eash
12 Terri O
13 Susan Weckesser

14 Tracy Weinzafel

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Jen Crossley said...

These look awesome Kari love what you have done