Friday, October 7, 2011

Home from Art & Soul

This beautiful smile came all the way down from Alaska to be in my "Happy Birds Sing" class! Didn't she make a lovely book?

Its been a week, and the suitcases are unpacked, studio is half cleaned up, and I'm *almost* caught up on the 800 plus emails from when I was gone to Portland Art & Soul. When you see what all we did, you'll know why it's taken me a week to get back into the groove- lol!

Here's Glenny officially opening Portland Art & Soul 2011 at the kick off party!
Ricë Freeman Zachery telling us how the Altered Project Runway was going to work...

Poor Earl Zachery... Altered beyond belief! I decided he needed pink lemonade lipgloss...

(Thanks to the Art & Soul girls for the photo!)

As ALWAYS, Glenny, Marie and the Art & Soul gang put on a FABULOUS Do. I swear, each one I go to, I love more than the last! (And I didn't know it COULD get any better, because I've always had such an awesome time!!!) It was just such a joy to meet up with new friends, and spend time with other friends I'd met before!
Starting out, Sunday night was the kick off party! Ty Shulz, Earl (EGE) Zachery, and Dan Carrel all were great sports as the models for an altered project artway... And boy was it ever altered! Let's just put it this way...I was caught on film in the act of applying strawberry lemonade lip gloss to Earl Zachery...go here to see the brutal evidence. (I DO insist it WAS his perfect color!) I helped with the pink and green slashed t-shirt too- (Tough to do with 10 minutes and garden snips!) For the whole recap, in living color, visit the Art & Soul Facebook page.

I had wonderful Roomies- Jean Van Brederode and Stephanie Rubiano. Both creative and wonderful women who are busy busy busy talented artists and instructors. We had a great time, just wish it would have been longer!

Monday I taught my Happy Birds Sing clay covered journal class. Awesome students I was so BLESSED to have had the help of a wonderful new friend Gina Goodling who just made the day fly-by for me. Normally, after a full day of being on my feet, I am done for, because I forget to drink fluids or eat because I am so focused on my teaching. Wonderful Gina not only provided the toaster ovens to bake the clay (helping keep the cost of the class down), but also kept me fed and watered. You can bet I'll reserve her for next year if she's in the assisting business!
Got to meet up with my friend Deb who I've been able to see all over the country now! It feels like we are long lost sisters from another mother! Never enough time to spend, but good to get to see her for awhile!

Tuesday was the Green Art Goodness class. Wonderful lively students, much sharing as well as art going on! We were so wrapped up in the art, that we forgot to take photos! We made awesome journals out of stuff we no longer liked the color, shape or pattern. We used up parts of our stash to create journals to fall in love with! Llewellen, A & S' s resident wonderful octogenarian kept us all in stitches. The stories she can tell! Well worth sitting down for a chinwag with!

Wednesday was the Fluid Romance class! Always a popular class, I had such wonderful and open students! All took artistic risks, and went home with completed paintings! I am so proud of the work they did! Wish I could show you some of their paintings- each and every one a successful piece~ but crazy me- I ALWAYS forget to take class photos before the class is half gone and cleaning up!

Out to dinner with the roomies, and meeting up and laughing with roomie Jean and Jen Crossley from Australia, and Sondra Barrington from Rings & Things all night, then off to pack my suitcases (thankfully lighter) and to bed. Thursday morning was off to the airport, only to arrive home on Friday morning! Sigh...the fun goes by in the blink of an eye!


Joanne Huffman said...

It sounds (reads?) like a great time for all involved.

Nancy B said...

Looks like a great time! Wish I could have been there!