Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gratitude Journal Day 7

I am a creature who enjoys creature comforts. So today's entry is all about how many modern conveniences we have today that I so enjoy. I am so grateful we have these gadgets to make our lives easier and more pleasant. I've traveled all over the world, and lived in places without indoor plumbing, electricity, or autos, let alone microwaves and TVs. I am grateful for the time these give us in our daily lives. I'm so very very grateful that in my daily life does not take all day to gather enough food to feed my family one meal, or wood to keep us warm. I'm grateful that I have a phone I can pick up that will connect me with a modern Dr's office, pharmacy or clean hospital should I need. I appreciate the fact that my time, (although I grumble about being too busy) really is my own. I don't have to donate so much of my time to basic survival that I have nothing left for creativity, fun, worship, family and friends. I really love my computer, and how it has made the world a smaller, more accessible place. I love that I can float an idea out electronically and immediately connect with like-minded friends from all over the world!

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Connie said...

Your icy view, kari, is gorgeous!