Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gratitude Journal Day 12

Today is so easy and simple... I am so very grateful for the Furbabies that have touched my life. With their total and unrestrained, unconditional love and affection, their warm slobbery kisses, their tricks and their soulful eyes they have made all of my days better. The adoration each time they greet me can cheer the sourest mood. Look at that sweet little thing! This is our current babydog, Sophie. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and a sweeter, gentler friend you'll never meet.

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Amy Wagner said...

Wow!! Thanks for finding me!!! Did you find me thru Jeri At An Artful Gathering? She is my oldest nephew's mother in law!!
I will add you to my list of favorites so I can stop back and get to know you better.
Stop by any time at my blog. I welcome new friends!!!!!

I also LOVE the movie "a Walk in the Clouds" - I have it on video and it is one of those comfort movies when you don't know what to watch. I also love Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Music!