Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good things are beginning to spread!

As I've said previously, I really totally appreciate my art friends. They are so caring and supportive! Who was one of the first people to jump on board this Gratitude Challenge? A dear art friend of course! Jump over to Christy's blog and check out her great input into this challenge. She is so eloquent, and has some awesome insight on this matter. She has definitely improved and strengthened and stretched this challenge just by being herself!

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Angela Hoffmann said...

okay i took the challenge...i need a huge reminder today about the good things in is a crappy day but even in the midst of my self pity i do have one thing that I am ALWAYS grateful is my entry for today:
I promise..tomorrow's will be brighter..maybe i will be able to sleep tonight..
Kari this is a good thing..thank you!