Friday, January 4, 2008

Gratitude Journal Day 4

Inspiration, and all the forms it comes to me in. I am so grateful for the people, things, places, and times that inspire me.

Times and eras, complete with their own costumes, backgrounds, props and attitudes- Renaissance, the 50’s, the 20’s, Elizabethan, The Ming Dynasty, The Romantic Era. Art Retreats … they all bring an immediate abundance of visual stimulation to mind.

Places that cause me to be so inspired that I HAVE to create. The Pacific and Caribbean, The Ohio Theatre, Rome, Franklin Park, the markets in Mexico, The Louvre, The Smokies, and many more all stimulate me when I feel blocked creatively. Here I feel creatively full to the point of bursting.

Things like a favorite paintbrush, gesso and gel medium, antique books, old rusty bits, handmade laces, beads, shells, buttons, pearl necklaces, velvet, paper pulp…who could resist their siren’s call?

The People. Too numerous to mention. Too many types of inspiration. Inspirational leadership. Inspirational guidance. Inspirational principles. Inspirational drive. Inspirational talent. I’m so grateful for what they have taught me over the years.

One of the people I have had an eye on for the last couple of years is my friend Angela. A busy working artist and designer, mother of 6, belly dancing beauty, has been a weekly inspiration to me. Pop over and visit her at I’m sure she’ll intrigue you too. She’s also bravely taken on this challenge with us.

Not staring at a blank page is very inspiring to me, so I've added a few shots of the backgrounds I've prepared, all ready to jot down the numerous things I have to be Thankful for.

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Karen Campbell said...

I love your backgrounds, Kari! And I think Angela is an inspiration to us all :)