Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Swap Carnage

Several people have asked me what it's like hostessing a swap. Well, I'll tell you, its alot of work, but it is rewarding in it's own ways. It's an honor to get to hold and touch and drool over so many pieces of art by so many talented artists. You make new friends, and you get to share the same passions that drew you to art in the first place with a ton of people who "get you"!

Here's a quick peek into this weekends binding marathon. Due to my arm injury, my sweet hubby jumped in and saved the day by punching when I couldn't do the repetitive motions. Mike is such a wonderful mate! Not only is he my best friend, but he'll jump in and help me with anything WITHOUT complaining! (He even acts mildly interested when appropriate!) He's very creative himself, and if I can't think of a way to fix it, or attach it, or pack it, he's sure to be able to. My Grandma always says I volunteer him out too much, but it's because I just KNOW he can fix it... and I'm so proud of him.

Come on in to the studio, and look at the carnage.


LoraSara said...

Hi, I saw your blog and joined the fat sissies. I hosted a swap once and it was nothing compared to what you do. Wow!

Angela Hoffmann said...

your studio is so neat despite the swaps....got OCD?...ROFL...j/k..it is a wonderful space..wanna come helpme organize a bit more?..he no use it would be messy in a week or so again anyway..lol

Dawn said...

Ok, I am now pea green with envy over the amount of SPACE you have! Man, what a great space to create. It was nice to see the work for the swap...I had thought about signing up, but knew there was no way I would be able to follow through. I will have to watch and see if you guys do anymore books at the beginning of the year.