Monday, October 8, 2007

The Auction

In an effort to continue to have a creative home, Mike and I decided it was time to get new couches for the great room. Since my Mom is an awesome interior designer, we asked for her input. She had already spotted a promising auction in the paper, so we headed to that yesterday afternoon. We got there and fell in love with the masterbedroom set, but figured that there were so many people there that we would never be able to get it for our budget. We also liked the couch and loveseat (which looked like new), and set between us an agreed upon price of not more than a 400$ bid.

My Mom might be short, but boy is she mighty at an auction! Not only did she get us the couch and loveseat for our $400, but she also won the entire 7 piece Master bedroom Suite! Way to go Mom! She and my dad gave us the suite for an early Christmas present. An odd twist of fate was that it was my 6th grade teacher's auction! He and his wife were leaving for Florida to live permanently, and just wanted to get rid of everything quickly. They only got married a couple of years ago, and then bought this furniture. They moved down to Florida shortly afterward, and have barely used it. So when I tell you this was only used by a little old couple for a couple of months-IT'S TRUE!

So yesterday was gobbled up by transporting furniture from one house to another, and then moving it into position. Tonight, it's more moving into place and transferring stuff in drawers. Then on to the decorating!

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