Monday, July 21, 2014

CREATE in NJ report

Halloooo!  (My favorite greeting to shout to my bud Jen Crossley on skype!)

Well, it's been a mind-blowingly busy week or two!  A WONDERFUL trip to NJ to teach at the CREATE Retreat there.  Was so happy to take my friend Shelly Grim with me!  The 12 hour car ride just flew by, we didn't even turn the radio on once!  Matter of fact, we actually reached Somerset before we realized it, and got to spend an extra day resting up and running last minute errands on the dreaded jug handles of NJ!  Just so happened, another good friend of ours, Barbie was in town for work, and we got to have a lovely dinner out with her!

My students were wonderful, and they created some wonderful wonderful art!  Friendships were begun, and healthy lifelong addictions were started!  (Not saying who Shelly Grim, but someone came home with a brand new Bernina!)

Many of you said you wanted a visual record of the gallery samples-

Here is the link where to go to purchase the webinar, with supplies explained & where to get them, step outs of the process, and over 75 inspiration photos all detailed for you:)

I've already have several contact me and say they really appreciate being able to look at the step by steps at their leisure:)

Since I got home, I have been dealing with a painful torn and a- braised cornea.  I've had to limit computer time- reading with one eye makes me nauseous:(  A quick ER trip and it seems to be healing but too slowly for my taste!  I want to turn this train around and fast!  Been happily painting away with one good eye-(just not outlining, because my depth perception is off!)  I am getting ready for my local class on Saturday at Red Letter Journals.  It will be a bittersweet class, as our beloved local store is closing the next day!  We want to go out with a bang!  (Plus there will be fabulous sales for my students!)  There are still a few spaces left if anyone is interested- easy sign up on my etsy store.

 I've been working on step outs for this workshop, and trying to relax.  But today all my bank cards were frozen due to suspicious activity.  Sigh...  Off to the bank to work this out...

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Joanne Huffman said...

Glad it went so well. I know from experience that you had many happy students.