Friday, March 27, 2009

Yippie! I Won!!!!

I'm so excited! I opened my email this morning only to find a lovely surprise! My friend Aileen from Outside The Margins informed me I won her blog giveaway for the lovely Sorbet Color Mists! I'm so excited! I just ADORE her color mists! Aileen is one of the most colorful, and creative people I know! She is so generous with sharing her great ideas, and has constant inspiration on her website and blog.
And she sells the most awesome stuff! ALL kinds of cool supplies and tools and ephemera that you would have to look forever to find yourself- if you even could! And you should see the adorable hand crafted art pieces she sells in her "Boutique!" I am in love with her Smidge Fairies!
I particularly look forward to Fridays - she posts "Crafty Blogger Blurbs" with links to all sorts of scrumptious other creative and crafty ideas!
I can't wait for them to get here! I'm going to go home and line up things to get ready to mist!


Aileen said...

Wow Kari I'm literally blushing with all the wonderful compliments you've given me! I humbly thank you and congratulations again!! :-)

Joanne Huffman said...

Congratulations. I love color mists and these look like a great set. I know you'll make beautiful things with them.


jackie said...

Congrats, Kari! I am coveting those new sorbet mists! Looking forward to seeing how you use them in your art!