Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wild Women

I am just finishing up a fatbook swap on the theme of Wild Women. I must have been releasing my inner Andy Warhol as I worked on these pages! I picked several women, All Artists or Photographers. Amazing how many were considered cold, or harsh, or unfeeling because they devoted so much of themselves to the perfection of their art. Many of them married or associated with famous male artists or writers, who were consumed by their own craft, but were NOT considered cold or heartless. The men were considered devoted, or passionate, or gifted with an "artistic temperament". Now how fair was that?

I just LOVE this one! Usually I see photos of Frida where she is less than "delicate" looking with her fierce eyebrows. I created this inspired by her photo on the cover of Vogue magazine, and think she looks so haunting here!

Margaret Bourke White has always been a heroine of mine. She literally took every destructive thing men could throw at her, and still came out on top. She was an awesome photographer, and she got her start in Ohio!

I've adored Mary Cassatt's works since I was a child. She had such a tender style, really capturing the bonds of human love and friendship in paint. For her time, she was quite daring too. She bucked many of the social and political views of her day, and befriended many controversial artists in order to expand her own world view.


Joanne Huffman said...


These are absolutely wonderful.


Aileen said...

Kari, what a great job you did! I really enjoyed seeing and reading from your perspective about each one, thanks so much for sharing!

kathy mc said...

Great work Kari. I love them all.

jackie said...

Great art, Kari! These women, especially Mary Cassatt are among my favorites also. You did an amazing job with the colors and boldness that you used!

leslie wood said...

very cool! love the Frida one!! -Leslie

Judy Streger said...

I think you made a good selection for your wild women and I love the Any Warhol look of your art.