Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Niagara Falls

Last week, Mike and I started out to my location shoot in Rochester NY. On the way back we were lucky enough to be able to spend the night at Niagara Falls. Here are just a few quick shots of the beautiful weather we experienced along the way.

Horseshoe falls from the Canadian side. Great shot by Mike!

Down river on the Canadian side at the white water rapids, looking up at the Rainbow Bridge.

This was on the American side, at the lookout tower. I did NOT enjoy looking down at all, but looking out and over was beautiful!

I grabbed this shot hanging over the rails at the American side of the American Falls.

How lucky are we to have such wonderful beauty we can get up close to experience?


Joanne Huffman said...

Great photos of a beautiful place.


kathy mc said...

Wow, lucky you. Gorgeous photo's.

ginny said...

Your photos are great. John and I plan on going to Niagra this week or next.
Tell Abby at the Blissful that you read about it on my blog. She was nervous about me taking photos in her shop, but was kind enough to let me. I'd like her to know that it was useful to her. You will love it!

jackie said...

It has been way too many years since I have visited Niagra Falls - your photos are wonderful of this beautiful natural wonder!