Sunday, May 29, 2011


"Harry's Sisters"

"Boys will be Boys"

Did I ever have a great time at CREATE Costa Mesa! The artists in my classes were so wonderful and open and willing to just jump in and try anything I threw their way! Each Artist inspired me with their totally new interpretation of the formula I set in front of them. It always amazes me how in these classes we all start witht the same supply list, yet no 2 finished projects look alike. I am so proud of my peeps- each and every one of them wildly successful!

And I can't say enough about the CREATE staff! The event staff was an awesome team that buzzed and zipped around keeping everything running. The editors were friendly and approachable, and so very generous in their informational dealings with us! Truly makes me happy, since CPS and CPSS are some of my very favorite magazines! They were so wonderful, every need was fulfilled, every comfort had been planned for! The meeting rooms were large and spacious, and the temps were just perfect. The hotel was easy to navigate, and the rooms were clean and spacious. I loved that we had an outside balcony, and I was able to keep it open on day.

Besides getting to see many wonderful friends I've gotten to meet at other venues again, I also had the pleasure of getting to meet some longtime on-line friends! How fun to put the faces to the names, the personalities to the life stories we've shared. What a blessing.

Another real JOY and pleasure was getting to meet my roommates! I was so fortunate to room with Pam Carriker and Jen Cushman. Both are awesome artists and authors, and I couldn't have been luckier to have had the incredible opportunity to spend time with each of them. They are both such amazing wealths of information, and talent! We had such a great time together. It was like meeting long lost sisters or something. We all were able to enjoy an evening class together one night, and Dawn Sokol's "Doodle Soup" was just the ticket! We giggled and relaxed the time away, as creative Dawn lead us thru some fun doodle exercises. It was just the thing to recharge us after long days of teaching and traveling!

I was a bad bad puddy tat- I forgot to take pictures...I'll get better I promise...

To appease, I will reveal some new mixed media fluid acrylic paintings I've been working on.

"Les Roses"

(This one is ALL Pam Carriker's fault, she gave me a GREAT new white gel pen and I tried it out and it wrote on EVERYTHING!!! So obviously I went crazy with it and the bas relief!)


Stella said...

Interesting blog

Linda Manning Findley said...

love that "boy's will be boy's" ..... Linda F

lindacreates said...

These are gorgeous! I am taking your Fluid Romance class in Portland and am looking so forward to it. Can't wait to meet you.