Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Art & Tea Party

~Laura, Shelly, and Barbie enjoying some friend time~
Many people have been asking what happens at my Art & Tea parties. Thanks to my friend Shelly Grim, now I have pictures to show! Generally the whole thing gets started by the guest of honor and I getting together to create the invitations.
~Barbie bravely trying a new technique~
The day of the party, I have everything ready and all supplies laid out and ready to go in the studio. I then demonstrate the project, and the artists begin creating.
~Tea Baskets for lunch, all home-made goodness~
At a good stopping point (usually waiting for something to dry or cure) we head downstairs to the dinning room for a leisurely luncheon.
~Cindy and Shellys mom chatting as they work on their art~
After lunch, it's back up to the studio, and finish up the project. The day finishes up with home-made dessert. It's a great time to hang out and socialize with friends and crank up the creativity!
~ Shelly and her Mom enjoying time spent together~
For those with less time, I offer a pizza party & project, or solely art lessons and craft workshops.

~Some of the day's projects~


jackie said...

How delightful! This looks so organized and so much fun! That food looks elegant and yummy! Wish I could see it closer! I admire you for being able to do this during your mourning - I'm sure it was difficult but also good to keep your mind occupied.
The projects look fun and creative!

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The food looks so delicious, I hope you had a great time girls. Thanks for sharing your wonderful art tea party.

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Oh! Girls I’ve never tried art tea party before, I’ve got to tell my friends about this wonderful idea of having a tea and art party...oh! And I must say the party looks fabulous.