Sunday, January 4, 2009

Art-y Goal Goodness

Giggles, my new studio muse
I've always had "goals." They were the fairly anemic, typical things. Get married to a great guy, get a creative job, travel, make art, be a good person kind of thing. I never really customized them. I used to balk at the idea of setting specific goals for myself. I have to set them at work, and I just didn't want the extra pressure of having something to pin me down in my personal life. This, I came to realize was really based on a fear of failing, a fear of disappointing myself or worse yet, loved ones. Once I learned the secret of letting go, and setting attainable and realistic goals, I was able to enjoy them. They have helped me to focus, and concentrate on what is truly important in my life, in my art. They have given me a direction, and are helping me to shape a path, reducing the chaos that comes of of trying to make decisions in the heat of the moment. Most of all, they have eliminated a lot of wasted effort. The satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment I get when I reach a goal seems to work wonders for my self esteem and resolve to accomplish more.
One goal this year, is to complete at least one creative project every other week. They can be abandoned projects from earlier, or new projects. Sort of a side goal that goes along with that is to as much as possible, use the items I already have on hand, squirreled away in my studio.

I have other creativity and inspiration goals, I'll have more on those another day....

To jump whole-hearted into this goal for this year, I spent Saturday with Amy Flowers of Shrew'd Arts, enjoying her Magical Faerie Doll, and Clear Acrylic Book classes. It was a wonderful, relaxed day of creating, meeting new friends, and catching up with some I haven't seen for some time. Amy is an encouraging, giving and extremely talented instructor, and the other artists creativity and friendliness all added to the fun of the day. Amy can be found at
In creating Giggles, I played with Lumiere acrylics & stamping. I added beads, and craft paint, and tulle. We also learned an easy wool felting technique allowing for a light and airy feel. ( I really enjoyed this method, as it was really quick!)


Judy Streger said...

I love your new studio muse.

Dawn said...

Oh, you are soooo right about everything you just said! Part of my goals is to FINISH some of those projects I have laying around...why oh why do I start so many things and never finish them?!

artbeth67 said...

What a FABULOUS doll!!! WOW!!! I absolutely LOVE her!!! :)