Monday, June 16, 2008

ABC Faith Journal

I've been short on time to work on the wet, messy kind of art, but I have been trying to sneak in a few minutes everyday to work on my Faith Journal digitally. I've been going thru the alphabet one letter at a time, and here are a few of the pages I've added so far. (In the end, I will be binding them and adding all sorts of bling and ephemera to the pages to fatten them up.) I really Love the group Casting Crowns. It seems as if every song they sing speaks to me, so I have been using their songs as inspiration as well. It seems as if they have a song to go with every verse or phrase I picked to try and use in my journal.


Karen Owen said...

Kari, beautiful and meaningful journal pages! I like the way you are going through the alphabet. I wonder what you'll do when you get to Z!

joanne thieme huffman said...

Kari, I hope you are appropriately proud of these beautiful and meaningful pages. Your journal is going to reflect your faith, your artistry and your soul.


Angela Hoffmann said...

ZEST is one of my favorite "z" life have plenty of zest...

i love your soulful and uplifting...i really love what you are doing!!! great job Kari..and keep think ing positive!

love and hugs

jackie said...

You're doing some very lovely work, Kari! This is a lovely idea using the alphabet to create your spiritual journal - you're really good at this digital art!